This is my first blog as a mom of a 2.5 year old girl. I wanted to write on parenting from very long but i guess never had a courage to write maybe because i had no experience in the field of parenting.  Parenting is a very big responsibility. In todays time, it needs special […]

What’s Motherhood for prerna

Motherhood… To be drained and yet fulfilled To be impatient and yet poised To be tired and yet refreshed To be sleepless and yet dreaming To be yelling and yet soothing To be childish and yet motherly To be naughty and yet nurturing To be exhausted and yet replenished o be nothing and yet everything […]

Choose the Right Toys

A rule of thumb: Less is more. The less a toy does, the more opportunity a child has to create and learn from it. Simple toys are easier for children to use, need less supervision and can last longer. 1. Safety First Toys should match a child’s developmental level and age. Toys should be clean and […]