Top 5 things my 2 year old has taught me

I believe, parenting is best defined as a journey full of learning and unlearning. Right from the point when that little bundle of joy arrives,  you are constantly forced to revisit all those beliefs and convictions you have acquired over the years. No matter what and how much you have read on parenting, it just […]

Choose the Right Toys

A rule of thumb: Less is more. The less a toy does, the more opportunity a child has to create and learn from it. Simple toys are easier for children to use, need less supervision and can last longer. 1. Safety First Toys should match a child’s developmental level and age. Toys should be clean and […]

5 Reasons Parents Should Limit Screen Time and How to Do It

Vivian is a parent who shares advice stemming from experience and wisdom that can help you with issues every family faces. We equate advances in technology with progress. Many innovative products were introduced in the 1970’s—Atari’s, VCR’s, computers, Walkman’s—yet, only a fraction of our time was spent on these novel inventions. While some of us […]