Super Power for Super Kids!

Wetclay is brainchild of a seasoned entrepreneur, a sensitive father and a determined individual who wants to positively impact the society through his works. Mr. Prateek Agarwal founded Wetclay to solve the challenges which he and his wife Swati encountered while parenting their son Vhyom.

“Every individual is unique, like everyone else”. This belief is embraced by Wetclay and the thread of uniqueness binds all that it does! It intends not only to celebrate the individuality hidden within each child, but also envisions to foster it. Honing that extra spark takes them far from herd mentality and helps stand out in the crowd.

Prateek and Swati believe that brain, the personality, and the character of a child can be shaped in any way through the quality of environment they are exposed to, exactly like the potter who shapes the wet clay in myriad shapes through his dexterity. Parents are the potters of a child’s life whose future will mirror the choices made by them today. Wetclay is your companion in enriching the decisions by offering multitude of exclusive product ranges that are astutely curated by toy experts for their inimitable features.

The toy market is proliferated with similar kind of toys and the buying behavior of parents is highly influenced by toys that they see in their physical market. In such a scenario, selling skills of shopkeeper play pivotal role in influencing what is bought. Online purchase behaviors are also shaped by limited knowledge of parents about market vastness. Wetclay curates the most unique toys for your child – the toys which are not easily found in your vicinity. These are to develop super powers in your child and make them a super kid!

Wetclay emphasizes on active playing. The more kids are immersed in exploring their physical environment, greater will be the learning. Nuclear families, working parents, reduction in neighborhood interactions, and increased crime have added up to challenges of parenting a child. This has led to increase in screen time for kids. It will be a cliché to expand on disadvantages of high time spent on screens. Hence Wetclay is super excited to present products which support a child to explore, discover and dive deep in their physical environment.

We answer following questions while curating products for Wetclay:

  1. Is the product easily available in nearby outlets?
  2. What uniqueness will product add to child’s personality?
  3. Will the product help a child to become a Wetclay “super Kid”?
  4. Does toy help the child in active playing?


A big No! Wetclay firmly believes that the child must interact with the environment for all round growth. Jumping, running, pushing, pulling, yelling, and most important, falling will develop the child wholistically than passive learning through educational videos on phones, tablets or TV. Prateek and Swati promised themselves before their son came to this beautiful world that they will not give any screentime to their yet to born child. As a result, unlike other parents who struggle to find ways to get rid of phone habbits of their child, they are stress free that Vyom does not take any screen time. The outcomes are tremendously encouraging as put by Prateek in his own words. “Vyom is highly active, super observational and ardantly keen. He observes, listens and expresses at lightning speed! He also knows a lot of stuff what children learn through mobiles or TV.”