This is my first blog as a mom of a 2.5 year old girl. I wanted to write on parenting from very long but i guess never had a courage to write maybe because i had no experience in the field of parenting. 

Parenting is a very big responsibility. In todays time, it needs special attention and an extra care as children have become over sensitive. Infact, our generation’s mothers are overprotective and overpossessive about their children. They want their children to prosper in every area they go. They want them to be super active and why not because competition is too high for existence and survival. 

Today, moms are very particular about their child especially, their food habbits, routine and daily activities. Many of them have left their corporate jobs or dreams after having a child and have become homemaker. They are just concerned about their children well being .

So, is me who after becoming a mom was least concerned about anything but only my child. Sometimes, i overreact to my child’s cries and have yelled at people around me. I am unable to stop my overwhelming emotion seeing my child cry. I never thought i could be an overpossessive mom but here i am an Overthinking, Over possessive mom. But even if i am , i never care as its about my child and i cannot rely on anyone else but me.This is about me a CLUMSY MOMMIE who wants her daughter to be protected at any cost. 

But after these passing years i have realised eventually, this is harmful for both mother and child. This can hamper child growth too. Child can become overpossesive too for the mother. They whine for her attention and want them to be with her all the time. They may even show tantrum when you talk to other children or even to your spouse. They can become clingy and it may ruin your relation with your partner as you may end up with a heated argument because child may not go to her own father. You may end up thinking your partner is not supportive. You will wait for your child to sleep so that you finish up your household chores. 

Excessive attachment from young children places unrealistic demand on one parent making other feel unwanted. Your child may also learn that if he or she will cry they can get whatever they want. You do everything for your child to avoid another tantrum. Drop-offs with grandparents or caregivers are a nightmare , and you are afraid you are enabling habbits that can be difficult to undo.

They will even have a jealousy factor as a result of overpossessive nature. They may get angry when you and your husband show affection to each other. During this phase child wants her mom to be with her.


Whether it’s you or your partner it’s never easy when your child is cling to one parent. You need to take certain steps before the situation becomes worse.

 Let your partner takes care of the child if he can so that you can get some extra time for yourself to relax. 

Be mindful of when to fulfill her request and when to hold your ground even if she gets upset. 

You should also include you partner in daily chores so that your child also get habitual that it works like that.

Most importantly don’t let your over possessive nature overpower your set rules of coparenting. If you are calm and relaxed so, do your child will be as child learns from their parents’ behavior and action. They consider you as their role model till the time they are exposed to outside world.

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By: Shivangi is passionate about watching movies travelling and sharing her experience about parenting. Parenting is rather described as a complicated affair n here she is trying to decode it through her experience of a rollercoaster journey of motherhood.

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