Anatomy Apron to learn internal body parts

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Your child is smart and knows body parts like hand, leg, nose, mouth, stomach and so on, but its time for some advance learning!
Would you like your child to know internal body parts such as  heart, large intestine, small intestine, lung, stomach, kidney, liver, esophagus and trachea? Wetclay presents  anatomy apron, a truly fun and interesting way to let your kid learn about the human body without plodding through complicated textbooks or heading to a doctor’s office. All you need  to do is to wear this anatomy apron and your child will learn 11 internal body organs in a matter of play.

3 Years and Above

Plastic paper-thick organs on an apron made of high-quality cotton fabric tied with a white fabric hairband.

What's Unique About it

All children between the age of 3-6 years know about their external body parts like hands, eyes, mouth, nose and so on, but only a few smart kids would know internal body parts as well!

How to Play?
The  anatomy apron is made of comfortable, durable  and high-quality cotton fabric, consists of a transparent garment and 11 removable plush stuffed organs. Printed on the transparent apron are 11 areas indicating the correct positions of each internal organ. The indication areas are inlaid with Velcro strips. So, your kids can place the organs into their designated locations by using the labels or the shapes as their guide. This allows them to learn the names, shapes, sizes, and location of the main body
organs. A functional chart is also provided with the kit to make  kids understand what exactly happens to the food they eat, and which organs run their bodies like a well-oiled machine!


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