Crochet Pencil box / pouch (Teddy Bear – Grey)


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Teddies are the most adorable character for many of us even after
growing up, then why not kids? These cute Teddy boxes / pouches are
handmade by artisans of Himalayas using the exclusive thread found in
the ranges. These are absolutely gorgeous and possess highly esthetic
appeal which is irresistible. These hard-to-find designs of crochet
made pencil boxes come in five colors and each color is hand picked
by Wetclay team keeping in view the elegance which your kid must carry with
them! The softness and fluffiness of these boxes are something which
the child will love to use again and again! Try these crochet boxes
presented by Wetclay and see your kid immersed in love with unique
designs prepared by Himalayan artisans!

Age Guidance: 3 years to 12 years

Return: 2 days return

What's Unique About it

The crochet boxes are made of high-quality thread found exclusively in
Himalayan ranges. Cloth, plastic, metal is easy to find, but crochet
designs in boxes are rare to get hands on. The colors and designs are
specially designed for kids by Wetclay. Don’t be surprised to see your
kid flaunting this unique possession to their friends and friends
rallying around to find source of this crochet pencil box!

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Our Promise

Every single product on Wetclay is only brought to you after stringent research, thorough quality check and making sure that it meets with our vision of making your child a super kid. This product is no different!

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