Discover Ramayana – Board Game and DIY Activity Kit

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The Ramayana is undoubtedly the most celebrated epic story not only In India but entire Southeast Asia, however parents of today find it difficult to teach the various events happened in Ramayana and their significance to children.
Wetclay presents Discover Ramayana- a board game and DIY activity kit.
The specially designed board game covers the journey of prince Rama, from his banishment from the kingdom of Ayodhya to his triumphant return. Players of the game are challenged to bring Sita
back once they have gone through the journey of exile.

This Ramayana activity kit includes:

  • 5 wooden characters of Ramayana epic which kids can paint and decorate.
  • A fun board game activity with dice and pawns which will help in learning about the Ramayana story and characters.
  • A word search at the back.

Kids need to paint and decorate the characters. The board game can be played with dice and pawns provided. Parents can narrate the story to their kids with the help of characters.

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What's Unique About it

When trying to learn/know Ramayana story One can watch hours of screen which is harmful or read bulky books which may get difficult or boring for some.
The board game and DIY activity kit gives opportunity to teach and narrate story of Ramayana in a fun, engaging yet screen-free way.
Apart from famous characters, the board game focuses on the pivotal incident from the epic Ramayana, when Rama is exiled to the forest for fourteen years until he brought Sita back home.

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