Green Habit Puzzle + Story Book

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Parents have always loved their kids to be an example for other
children by exhibiting good habits like washing hands before having
meals, not wasting food, greeting everyone in morning, showing respect
for elders, and so on right from early age. The need of the hour is to
go a step further and make our kids sensitive towards the importance
of the conservation of the environment with global warming becoming a
dreaded reality. Water and Energy are two most important elements for
our survival, making our children understand their responsible use has
to be a must addition in today’s parenting goals. Wetclay presents
“Green Habit Puzzle + Story Book” as your companion in meeting this
challenging goal! Preservation of water & energy are the key topics
covered in this game. It’s never easy to discuss topics like
sustainability with children, and doing it in an interesting way is
even tougher! They might ask some pertinent yet tough questions in
their innocence to completely disarm you! “Green Habit Puzzle + Story
Book” is a great assistance in enabling you to make children
understand their responsibilities towards water and energy
conservation! The story book and the associated puzzle is a great tool
to help them in developing the consciousness about water and energy
preservation in the most simple and interesting way! And you know
what? The kids are going to have fun galore while solving the puzzle!

Recommended Age: 3 + years

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Made in India

Package Contents:

1.       2-in-1 Puzzle Board

2.       Story Book

3.       Instruction Sheet

What's Unique About it

“Green Habit Puzzle + Story Book” is an activity to develop
consciousness of children about water and energy conservation. In the
modern civilization’s endeavor to make sustainability a way of life,
saving water and energy are most essential components. The game helps
achieve the challenging task of making little munchkins understand how
precious is a resource like water which they love to splash
carelessly. If they save a little water right now, there will be more
opportunities in future!

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