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Step into a magical world of unicorns, dragons, princesses, and mermaids! Create 12 sparkling foil pictures from the fairy tale world.

This is a unique and fabulous craft kit for kids. It combines colouring with stickers for a whole new kind of fun and play. Foil art is a lot like coloring a picture, but with foil instead of crayons or markers. Inspires hours of creativity and fun as children learn this art of magic transfer!

  • How to Play? Making pictures is as easy as 1-2-3. Select a picture, and peel a section off to reveal the sticky area. Lay a foil over it and press. Lift up the foil sheet. The sparkly foil will transfer to your picture with no glue needed.
  • What’s in the Box? 50 foil sheets in 10 Assorted colours,12 Picture Canvas, 1 Pick Tool

What's Unique About it

1. Unlike traditional craft kits, this foil art kit by Wetclay blends the joy of coloring with the allure of stickers. This innovative technique replaces conventional crayons and markers with shimmering foil, transforming each picture into a radiant masterpiece.
2. The foil art kit makes creativity effortlessly accessible. The simple “1-2-3” process empowers children to create stunning pictures with ease. Peel, press, and reveal the dazzling results. It’s a magical journey that even the youngest of artists can embark upon.
3. Say goodbye to messy glue bottles and sticky mishaps. With this craft kit, the foil effortlessly adheres to the sticky areas on the picture canvas, eliminating the need for glue altogether. This not only streamlines the creative process but also ensures a hassle-free and mess-free experience.
4. Immerse yourself in a spectrum of colors and possibilities. With 50 foil sheets boasting 10 assorted vibrant hues, young artists can paint their dreams with a rainbow of choices. The kit also includes 12 picture canvases, offering an abundance of imaginative journeys waiting to be explored.

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