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The new era of parenting norms promote pacifism with children, and Scolding, yelling, hitting etc are the extinct tools. On one hand it is good for their mental growth, but at the same time it leaves parents with minimal choices to extract or teach certain behaviour. The mind always keeps pondering about the ways to handle next tantrum / misbehaviour of tender minds! Are you also grappling with the scenario described above?
Wetclay presents “My Habit Tracker” – your companion in making your child the best version of themselves! This Habit Tracker does wonders in extracting the desired behaviour from children and let you gain control over it in absolutely non-aggressive way! You don’t have to worry about if they hit other children, or do not keep their plate after eating or yell on elders or do not keep their toys back after playing! This tracker comes with 18 commonly desired behaviors and few blank stickers (for creating custom habit) on which you can reward (good job, happy, applause etc) your child next time they do what is expected or admonish (sad, disappointed etc) an absolutely poor habit.

Product content

  • 52 reward tags
  • 18 responsibilities and blank stickers
  • 1 thick unbreakable Velcro board with hook and stand.
  • 1 duster
  • 1 write & wipe marker pen.

Age Guidance: 3 to 12 years
Made in India

What's Unique About it

This Wetclay favorite “My Habit Tracker” adds an absolutely non-aggressive tool in parents kitty to let children mend their ways! The imagery based rewards provided with the tracker help them to understand parent’s reaction and inculcate good habits. With this “My Habit Tracker” say goodbye to hostility forever! No longer your home will be experiencing bouts of negativity if children do not do what is desirable. Only caution is to use this tracker regularly for yielding required actions!

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Every single product on Wetclay is only brought to you after stringent research, thorough quality check and making sure that it meets with our vision of making your child a super kid. This product is no different!

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