Pack of 10 Color Cracker and Clay – Board game

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Tomatoes are red, bananas are yellow, Grapes are green, brinjals are purple and so on! Our world has various hues of myriad shades making us ponder over the creator behind such flamboyant creations! It is the first facet of an object which grabs attention of a child in hir journey of exploring surroundings. Wetclay presents this Color Cracker & Clay – a gamified board game for 2 to 4 years old children which help them in identifying colors of vegetables and fruits in an enjoyable way! Give the dice in tiny hands, let them roll for a color and match it with vegies or fruits on the board! The smartness also gives them a chance to seize a few stars if a color sequence is made, aiming them to collect as many stars as they can! Color Cracker & Clay board game is an exciting entertainment game of identification, coordination and sequencing to improve the early learning skills of kids. This game can be played alone or with a group of their buddies.

How to Play?
* Roll the dice * Identify the color * Find the same color object on the board * Place a DIY counter made of clay. To make the game more interesting, the child can be encouraged to keep the counters in a row, and if successful, a star sticker can be awarded. Collect as many as possible.

Product Contents
The game has a double-sided board with images of fruits and vegetables in each square, 6 color dough pack, star sticker sheet & a wooden dice with 6 different color faces.

Age Guidance: 2 to 4 years
Replacement: 2 days replacement available

What's Unique About it

Color Cracker & Clay board game is the first board game of its kind for children of this tender age group of 2 to 4 years. The colorful imageries on the board will grab attention and make them responsive. Rolling the dice with tiny hands and taking action based on it is distinctive experience in itself! The game provide agility of playing alone or with friends making it suitable for any occasion. It is also a great choice if you are contemplating over return gift for your child’s upcoming birthday party.

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Every single product on Wetclay is only brought to you after stringent research, thorough quality check and making sure that it meets with our vision of making your child a super kid. This product is no different!

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