Epic Stories of Ramayana – Memory Card Game

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Since an eternity, the stories, the characters and the wisdom of Ramayana has inspired mankind not only in the Indian Peninsular landscape, but also far beyond! It not only contains serious yet dignified characters of Ram and Ravana, but also hilarious yet dedicated characters of Hanuman and Lakshman. This epic literature has something for everyone to imbibe and implement. Preaching morality to young minds is not an easy chore! Scriptures have always shown path when tunnel appeared dark. Wetclay presents this “Epic Stories Of Ramayana – Card Game” for easing the daunting task. Use this game to teach a bit about characters, a bit about story and a bit of moral lessons in a highly fun and engaging way. Without showing videos on phone or TV, you can narrate dedication of Mandodri, the comical character of Hanuman, the servitude nature of Lakshman, the sacrifice of Urmila and so on! Moreover, it is imperative for kids to know the great Indian scriptures which were written thousands of years ago with verifiable facts but have relevance even today!

The pack includes 30 attractive, colorful cards- 15 cards with illustrations of famous characters from the epic (art cards) and 15 cards with their descriptions and stories (story cards); so there are 15 characters your kids will know about. Up to 4 can play the game. The cards have to be kept upside down to start with and the kids have to pick them one by one and try matching them. Once matched correctly, the kids will get to read a very interesting description of the character. Your kids would be aware of some characters from Ramayana like Ram, Lakshman, Sita, Hanuman and Bharat; but here are more like Angad, Jamvant, Neel, and Mandodari etc. that will add to their knowledge. They will soon be telling all those fascinating stories to their friends and winning accolades!

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30 flash cards and 1 Marker

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6 years to 15 Years

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What's Unique About it

There is abundance of flash cards in market, but getting hands on the ones which are based on mythology is rare. Also, today when the world is heading
towards westernization and getting far from roots, its time that you distinguish your child by making them know things which others won’t even focus on!
Yes, Ramayana and its characters is one of such things. It is your turn to make the little kiddo stand apart from the heard!

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