Master Maths Board Game

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Mathematics is a nightmare for most kids and the name itself brings dreadful incidents to conscious. As a parent, it is a daunting task to make them understand the importance of learning maths – the only subject which is put to use in everyday life from very young age! Be it distributing chocolates among sibblings or playing a match with friends, Maths is everywhere , impossible to escape! Wetclay brings “master Maths Board Game” which eases the ubiquitous problem of dreadful maths faced by parents and children alike! With this board game make your child fall in love with Maths and help them learn simple erythematic calculations while doing what they love! No extra pressure, no extra worksheets, no playtime reduction, still helping them in conquering what is hated! This board game can be played by 2 to 6 players. And the good news? You can also be a part of and have some mindboggling together! For beginners it has an “easy” mode and for more genius ones there is “advance” level. So regardless the level of your child, “Master Maths Board Game” can take them to next level.

Age guidance: 6 to 12 years (adults can also play)
Number of players: 2-6 (individually) upto 12 players if teams are made
Made in India

Product Contents

  • 1 double sided (easy & advance) board
  • 135 marker chips (50 each Green & yellow, 35 Red)
  • 4 Dices

How to Play?

  1. Roll the dice and form a number on the board using “+”, “-“, “X” & “/” operators
  2. Depending age of your child, use “easy” or “advance” side of the board
  3. Easy Level: Use “+”, “-“, Operators by rolling 3 dices
  4. Advance Level: Use “+”, “-“, “X” & “/” operators by rolling 4 dices
  5. On rolling the dice, players (individually or in team) have to make using marker chips same color sequence of five horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win the game!

What's Unique About it

This board game can engage a large number of children together, making it suitable for parties also. Moreover, maths can be made enjoyable without putting extra burden. With this board game children will learn what they dread while doing what they love! The gamified way of teaching maths is a classic way of relaxing over stressed minds.

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Every single product on Wetclay is only brought to you after stringent research, thorough quality check and making sure that it meets with our vision of making your child a super kid. This product is no different!

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