Good touch bad touch flash cards– Gamified way to safeguard kids against sexual crimes

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Virtually every single day when we open the newspaper/news channel we see unfortunate incidence about sexual crime with children. scarry indeed.

Being a parent to young children you obviously want to keep them safe and protected, but you can’t just cage them inside the house on account of protecting them. If you want your little ones to be confident and want them to achieve their dreams, you will have to allow them to leave their comfort zone and explore the outside world. But at the same time, what you can do as a cautious parent is to prepare your kid to face the (good and bad) world outside there. Its imperative that you teach your child about the good touch and the bad touch.

Wetclay presents Good touch bad touch flashcards, a gamified way to teach your kid about this difficult topic in most fun and interesting manner.

Striking conversation about a sensetive topic like this one is difficult, but this flashcard based game makes it easy. You can play game of cards with your kid where winner will be the one who tells most correct answers.

How to play:

  • Setup cards on the deck
  • Turn-by-turn players pick the card, and ask oponents whether the respective touch is good or bad
  • Winner gets the card and a +1 score!

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Recommended age: Any age is right age, however early or late
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What's Unique About it

A tough but extremely crucial topic which is difficult to teach even via books can be tought easily, in fun and gamified way through this good touch bad touch flashcard set.

You may be worried that your child is too young to understand the difference between the good and bad touch, sexual development, and other such topics, but it is not like that. Though it is a tough topic to broach, it is important to talk on subjects like body safety and abuse with ease and ensure that you have educated your little ones and made them aware of such abuse from an early age & without getting scared or hesitant.

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