Cleaning the Oceans – Board Game

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With plastics playing havoc with the environment, it’s a real need that every parent educates their kids to be more aware of the damage being caused by this omnipresent material today. Kids need to have sensitivity towards keeping the environment clean including the oceans. Wetclay presents “Cleaning the Oceans – Board Game” an exciting, fast paced game to achieve this objective in a cooperative manner. Be a savior, save the planet by saving our oceans! The game educates your kids in a fun way how to clean the oceans of the huge pile of garbage before it’s too late!

Apart from making kids sensitive towards environment, this board game also develops their problem-solving, strategic thinking, empathy and social skills. They are made to replace the sea pollutants on their board with green constituents. They learn in the matter of play the adverse effects of plastic on the marine eco systems. The players must be able to clean the garbage pile from oceans before the extended board fills up with the cross-marks! Though the game is designed for multiple players, even a single kid can play and have great fun while diving into the garbage patches and finding ways to remove it.
Age-group: 6 years to 15 years
Made in India
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What's Unique About it

Children are mostly taught about the air, sound and land pollutants and ways to deal with them. Cleaning the Oceans – board game, however, talks about the endangered marine eco systems and awakens your kid’s curiosity about the vast oceans and the importance of keeping them clean and free from dangerous pollutants like plastics. Kids will enjoy the screen-free time and have great fun together exploring the garbage patches and saving the precious oceans.

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