Shakalaka boom boom pen (set of 8)

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A boy named James lived in a village. As drawing was his passion and most favorite thing to do, He could be seen drawing something or the other not just with pen on copy but also pointed stones and small sticks to draw on wet clay and sand.

One day when James was drawing he met an old man. He gave a pen to James and said… I’m so happy to see your passion about drawing. I’m giving you a magic pen. Whatever you’ll draw with this pen will come alive. After saying this the old man disappeared.
To try what old man said, James drew a mango with the pencil. Wow! This is wonderful. The mango turned into a real mango. After that he drew a dog. It also transformed into a real dog. James was shocked!

Though the story above is just fictional, pen we’re presenting is actually magical.

Wetclay presents Shakalaka boom boom penn , which has the super power of making any object alive!. Use this Shakalaka boom boom penn to draw on spoon. When encountering water, the drawn objects will float on their own! Small fish, tortoise, big whale, small flower, butterfly and so on, whatever you or your kid will draw on spoon can be seen floating on the water,
interesting isn’t it?

HOW TO Play:
STEP 1: Draw the desired design using a coloured water pen on a plate or bowl or spoon made of mirror, glass, or ceramic.
STEP 2: Wait at least 5 seconds to dry the pattern.
STEP 3: Gently immerse it in water
STEP 4: Watch it float!

What's Unique About it

Use this Shakalaka boom boom penn to paint on the ceramic spoon or any other glass or ceramic surface. When encountering water, the drawn pattern will float by itself, as if there is life. You can draw any animal, bird, flower or even a family member to make it alive in a matter of seconds! Next time your kid is longing for their favourite cartoon or animal, no need to show them on mobile / tablet! Use your
drawing skills to incarcerate the favorite character in moving avatar. These pens will be super fun when mum, dad and kid together develop a family art work!

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2 years and above
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