Smart Sticks- Scavenger Hunt

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A smart educational Scavenger Hunt that promises fun and learning! Can be played individually or together with friends. Promotes cooperative play and allows kids to be creative in their thinking. They learn to work together and develop problem-solving.

Easy to follow and simple instructions with lots of ways to play, play the whole afternoon or just 10 minutes.

How to Play?

Each stick describes a type of item that players must find.

Game 1- Spin the spinner for the number of sticks. Eg 2 Each player dips in and draws 2 sticks. Be the 1st to find the objects.
Game 2- Spin the spinner for the number of objects to find. Eg. 2 Each player dips in and draws 2 sticks. Be the 1st to find 2 objects.
Game 3- Dip in and take out 3 sticks. Players must find 1 item that matches the 3 words on the stick. e.g. ‘RED’ ‘HARD’ & ‘POINTED’- What could it be? A red pencil?

Adaptable for younger children. Read aloud the words. You could also give them just 1 object to find at a time.

What’s in the Box?

A beautiful cylindrical tube with a spinner.
100 Prompts: 50 Smart Sticks (Double-Sided)
50 Pcs Puzzle on the reverse side (54 cm X 28.5 cm)

What's Unique About it

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