Tidy Up

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The Rats have a messy house with everything here and there. And they have a mission to tidy up. But they need to know what goes where? Does the dress belong in the bedroom in the cupboard or in the kitchen?

Join the Rats as they move from room to room in a colorful dice rolling and fun sorting game. The first player to put things back in the room where they belong wins the game. Promotes categorization skills and develops language.

Wouldn’t you be thrilled if you found your little ones tidying up on their own? The game encourages responsibility in children.¬†Easy game to learn colors. Promotes fun times with family and friends!

How to Play?

Game 1: Race to Tidy Up

Join the Rats as they move from room to room. Roll the die and sneak through the matching coloured windows and the doors, putting things in their place. The 1st player to put things back in the room where they belong wins the game.

Game 2: Tidy Up together

A cooperative game where both the mice move around the house working together to bring things back to the rooms in which they belong.

Bonus Play: A-Z Around the house

Roll the die and move from room to room naming objects from A-Z in sequence. Take turns alternating and building up the chain. See how far you can go without breaking the chain. Pay attention to the details in the illustrations.

What’s in the Box?

A beautifully illustrated 3D house with 2 walls, 1 floor base, 2 wooden mice, 24 tokens, and a coloured wooden die.

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