Welcome to Wetclay podcast Episode #1.

This podcast is an attempt to bring consciousness and mindfulness into how you currently upbring
your child because at Wetclay we believe that the child is like a wet clay and you, as parents are the
potter who has the power to shape him/her in whatsoever way you like.
Starting from this episode, every week we’ll be bringing practical and useful parenting tips, fun ideas,
step-by-step guidance and much more in the form of meticulously curated conversations with
experts, successful parents themselves, doctors, celebrities and so on.

In this first episode, Swati Saxena has spoken to Kartik Bajoria on how to make your children an
effective communicator.
Kartik is a communication skills and creative writing expert for children and an internationally
renowned speaker on the subject of mindful parenting.

Some of the key things you can learn from this episode:
• What is the right age for children to start learning communication skills?
• How can children overcome the fear of public speaking and become a confident public speaker?
• How even small children can write effectively with perfect diction, grammar and stimulating
• What specific steps you, as parent can take in order to improve communication skills of your child?

About Kartik Bajoria:
A Doon School, Hindu College & New York Film Academy Alumnus, Kartik Bajoria spent a
decade in the Film & Television Industry in Mumbai working as a Writer, Director &
Producer. Since moving back to Jaipur in 2013, he has indulged his passion for Education
by Teaching extensively through one-on-one lessons and short as well as long-term
Workshops at a number of schools, colleges, universities & corporates. He specializes in the
areas of Writing & Communications. Kartik has also created a rich repository of intellectual
property. A Writer & Commentator on Education & Parenting, his writing regularly features in
nationally renowned publications. Having battled a chronic Smoking Addiction, Thyroid
Cancer, Depression and several other personal crises, Kartik has emerged as a living
example of the Triumph of Human Will. Kartik is also a Ghostwriter, regularly creating
commissioned content for Coffee Table Books, Biographies etc. He is a sought-after
Speaker and is routinely invited to be part of various Education, Parenting & Culture related
events, conferences & seminars. He is also an astute Host & Literary Moderator and serves
on the Boards of several Cultural, Youth & Literature Festivals.

About Author

By: Swati is a postgraduate from a prominent Business School and is working with a fortune 500 company as a Human Resource professional. She has wide experience in developing and delivering corporate trainings, managing teams and executing challenging projects. A visually impaired mother to three years old Vyom, she is the driving force behind everything that happens at Wetclay.

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